Digital Journals Are Here

We invite you to meet our new Digital Journal module. At a high level, it is really very simple – allow a respondent to answer the same set of questions multiple times. We basically built our Journal module just like a Journal; it has pages, and you can write on those pages and add more pages as needed. For us the “pages” are a survey that a user can take again and again over any set period of time. This allows you all the power of our survey building including any question type, skips and logic, and more. The respondent gets a consistent, easy experience, and you get an easy way to gather ongoing feedback – call it a Digital Journal (we do!), digital diaries, field ethnography, you get the idea. The bottom line is this module allows you to easily collect any type of data (surveys, text, images, video) in an ongoing, flexible environment across any device.

So, we made it easy to get lots of awesome data from people over time, but how do you view and interact with that data? Glad you asked! Reporting on Digital Journals was a major focus for us. You can quickly get a ton of data (images, videos, text responses and data) across multiple people, over short or long periods of time – typically not an easy task to browse, review, filter and export. We fixed all of that:) We allow you to view aggregated data across all responses and journal entries in a seamless report view, provide individual respondent transcript views, filter by journal entry date, user, or question, and view all media in a beautiful interactive user uploaded media library (and even filter user uploaded media by user, date or question and easily export).

You can use Digital Journals a ton of ways, but here are a few ideas: shopping and coupon usage studies (coupon tracking, shop-alongs, etc.), rich media immersion (e.g., post a pic or video of your dinner each night for the week), daily activity surveys, customer experience services and lots more – let me know your ideas.

Please let us know any questions at all.

SoapBoxSample Becomes Founding Member of SampleCon

SoapBoxSample continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the respondent relationship

SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family, solidifies its commitment to the sample industry by becoming a founding member of SampleCon, the industry’s only conference dedicated to sampling. SoapBoxSample has joined an elite group of industry leaders, including LightSpeed, Prodege, and Federated Sample to host the third annual SampleCon in New Orleans January 12 – 14. SampleCon 2015 will focus on establishing best practices and directing the future of sample.

SoapBoxSample just celebrated its two year anniversary. Launched in 2012, SoapBox has experienced rapid growth by focusing on high quality data deliverables driven by a high-engagement, relationship based panel. With dedicated staff focused solely on data quality, and an experienced management and research staff, SoapBoxSample continues to implement new techniques and best practices, to support the growth of the sample industry.

SampleCon’s theme, “It’s All About That Respondent,” emphasizes the contribution research participants make and the impact the Industry can have on advancing the respondent relationship and improving research outcomes. Speaker, panel, and working sessions will explore topics including privacy, security, and technology in relation to delivering enhanced experiences and further developing the connection between researcher and participant.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, commented, “Respondents are the foundation of our industry. While numerous conferences focus on research, technology and methodology, SampleCon is the only conference where we solely look at the respondent relationship and address the ever-changing consumer landscape. This conference is a must attend as together we find ways to improve and enhance the Sample Industry.”

Industry veterans, alongside SampleCon committee members and attendees, are the driving force for the vital establishment of industry best practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to directly contribute by exploring critical components and relevant guidelines. The proposed guidelines will then be discussed throughout 2015 at industry events to encourage involvement from all Sample organizations. The official formation and industry agreement should occur by early 2016.

Registration for SampleCon 2015 officially opened November 4, 2014. The 2015 conference is expected to eclipse previous SampleCon events in both the number of attendees and scope of subjects discussed.

To learn more about SampleCon, visit

Updated Panel Management

Our Users Admin (aka Panel Management) is simple and simply powerful.

  • Filter and select based upon user profiles, community activity and any survey response across ANY survey.
  • Combine and aggregate data across any survey and append to any data set. This is like creating a mash up of survey data on the fly for an all new survey data set. You may find you have the answer you were looking for without even having to launch a new project!
  • Send group invites, reminders and 1-1 emails.
  • Categorize and tag members for easy segment creation and longitudinal tracking.
  • Create private groups for special invites and engagements like Customer Advisory Boards.
  • Easily save and export for any type of research activity (in-person recruiting, at home trials and more)

SoapBox Expands Team to Support Rollout of Mobile

Marketing Coordinator Brought on Board to Enhance Brand Management

SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family, continues rapid growth pace with the addition of a full time marketing coordinator. Adriana Hemans, the newest member of the SoapBoxSample team, will be tasked with creating promotional content and brand management.

Hemans joins SoapBoxSample with a background in digital marketing and video production. Her experience directing and producing documentary films combined with her writing skills has allowed her to successfully manage both large and small scale marketing projects. Hemans, a graduate of the USC Annenberg School for Communication, focused her post-graduate work on Internet based business models.

Hemans says, “This is a really exciting time for SoapBox and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. The company is poised to become a leader in the mobile research space, while continuing to increase their reach in traditional surveys and high touch point engagement. My mission is to help foster a truly unique company culture while simultaneously educating both the public and potential clients about everything that SoapBox has to offer.”

The expansion of SoapBoxSample’s marketing department comes shortly after two new additions to the company’s technology department. A senior developer and web programmer were recently added to enhance automation and integration across respondent access platforms. The company is pursuing increased automation in order to focus more heavily on customization and client consultation.

SoapBoxSample’s diverse and expanding talent pool allows them to continue to execute their expanded portfolio of services, while ramping up for the release of their new mobile product. SoapBoxSample’s new mobile app, expected by Q4 of this year, will use geo-fencing technology to gather information from respondents at the point of experience.

SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, Jacqueline Rosales added “We are excited to welcome Adriana to our team. We feel that she can bring a fresh perspective to our current marketing efforts and help us continue to build a buzz around our new mobile product. Her efforts will also allow us to nurture and sustain our company culture, which is built upon helping our team members thrive both professionally and personally.”

SoapBoxSample Continues Expansion with Director of Business Development

SoapBoxSample Adds Director of Business Development

SoapBoxSample, a member of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA) family, continues its growth trajectory with the addition of seasoned Business Development professional, Michael Chavarria.

Chavarria comments “I’m excited to join a fast growing company where everyone is dedicated to finding ways to solve our client’s business problems. The experience of the operations team, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of our leadership has SoapBoxSample well positioned for success in an industry that’s constantly changing. I look forward to being an integral part of this growth.”

Chavarria joins SoapBoxSample following 5 years at Luth Research, where he specialized in building custom market research solutions for clients with questions revolving around ad effectiveness, audience insights, and path to purchase.

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations, comments on the new addition. “We are thrilled to have Michael joining our team. His consultative approach to Business Development aligns with our client centric growth focus. Mike’s open-minded, engaged approach to relationships offers clients a business savvy and reliable partner for their research needs.”

SoapBoxSample Expands Full Service Division

SoapBoxSample Adds Experienced Researcher to the Full Service Division

SoapBoxSample, the newest member of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA) family, continues the tremendous growth trend with the addition of experienced researcher, Elinor Gaida, to the IQCenter Research Team.

Gaida comments: “Joining SoapBoxSample at this time is very exciting. The company has taken an innovative approach to online sampling and research, using state-of-the-art techniques that address today’s market research needs. We have a dynamic team of creative individuals with one goal in mind: providing clients with solid data and actionable results. I look forward to being a part of it and contributing to the success of SoapBoxSample’s IQCenter Research division.”

Gaida joins the team with research expertise in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed mode methodology across new product development, concept testing, satisfaction, social media research and branding among others. She possesses advanced analytics skills including segmentation, regression, perceptual mapping, TURF, MaxDiff and conjoint analysis. Her immediate past position was with American Specialty Health and previous to that spent 9 years with Luth Research.

At the end of Q1 this year, SoapBoxSample acquired the ClickIQ e-visor panel and retained the IQCenter, ClickIQ’s award winning full service research team. The expanded portfolio of services encompassing the full range of research services from study design and analytics to all data collection methodologies offered across the ISA family of companies, has further fast-tracked the growth of SoapBoxSample.

Chief of Operations, Jacqueline Rosales chimes in on the addition of Gaida to the team. “The ability to attract, hire and nurture exceptional talent is the root of my passion. Building this team has been a central focus as we continue to grow. There is nothing more rewarding than promoting a culture that supports and drives the growth of our team members both professionally and personally. We are excited to have Elinor on board – she is a natural fit for our group.”