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Our 40-year history of helping brands and organizations thrive in disrupted markets makes us uniquely poised to partner with clients who need to understand where their place is in Web3. Our access to consumers is unrivaled. Our clients come to us for expertise and strategy, and to gain access to niche communities including NFT creators, collectors, enthusiasts of decentralized banking, gamers, technology experts and influencers. Our key differentiator is our emphasis on building authentic relationships with consumers and our members, and using new platforms to meet them where they are so we can engage with them in the ways they feel most comfortable.

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The web3 glossary

A new era means a new vocabulary! Accelerate your Web3 knowledge with our keyword guide with all words and definitions related to the Web3 space. This is an amazing opportunity for creators, investors, researchers and curious thinkers.


we are web3 ready

We were among the first, if not the first, to pay incentives in cryptocurrency.

We were among the first to conduct focus groups on Clubhouse.


Without a Web3 strategy, you’re missing out on opportunities to delight and engage your audience.


High profile mistakes in Web3 can lead to brand erosion or the alienation of key audiences.
The brands who do it right gain these benefits:

Increased customer retention, loyalty and engagement.
Expanded consumer segments.
Provide direct and real-time access to your customers and your competitors’ customers.
Expansion of products and services organically as consumers adopt.
Connected with experiences 24/7 - on and off chain.

our experts

Jacqueline Rosales

Known for her creative and unconventional practices, Jacqueline Rosales has 25+ years of experience in Consumer Behavior and Market Research. More recently, she has gained 1500+ hours of experience and education in the Web3 space – becoming G2M Strategist for Gripnr (the first TTRPG Blockchain game), a Board Member of MetaPunkz and a Subject Room social moderator across Clubhouse & Twitter Spaces. Jacqueline lets her passion and knowledge drive her to help top brands deliver unparalleled results.

Garry Liu

Garry Liu is a bi-lingual, restless reinventor that has translated his work experience in the creator economy into a community-centric focus on the NFT and crypto space. He has a passion for cultivating self-sufficient communities and building trust through sincere community outreach.
Garry has utilized his knowledge and passion to educate creators and corporations on how to enter and navigate the Web3 space.

Garrett Hand

Garrett Hand is known for his famous laugh and will be one of the first to launch laugh tracks as an NFT. Working as a full time NFT and cryptocurrency investor, Garrett Hand has accumulated insights and creativity from thousands of hours studying the blockchain. Having made the majority of his recent income through the NFT and crypto space, he has been able to bridge the knowledge of a full-time investor to a part time advisor and consultant for up-and-coming projects. Garrett has helped creators access the best utilities and strategies to innovate NFT projects.

web3 team

Jamie Quider

Senior Director of
Qualitative Services

Adam Cunningham

Director of Growth &
Account Management

Tasha Leech

Director of

Christina Delcano

Social Media &
Discord Moderator

Lylian Miller

NFT Creator,
Illustrator & Designer

Gina Buffolino

Admin & Social Media

Lulu Casados

Senior Associate of
Qualitative Services

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