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Digital Journals Are Here

We invite you to meet our new Digital Journal module. At a high level, it is really very simple – allow a respondent to answer the same set of questions multiple times. We basically built our Journal module just like a Journal; it has pages, and you can write on those pages and add more pages as needed. For us the “pages” are a survey that a user can take again and again over any set period of time. This allows you all the power of our survey building including any question type, skips and logic, and more. The respondent gets a consistent, easy experience, and you get an easy way to gather ongoing feedback – call it a Digital Journal (we do!), digital diaries, field ethnography, you get the idea. The bottom line is this module allows you to easily collect any type of data (surveys, text, images, video) in an ongoing, flexible environment across any device.

So, we made it easy to get lots of awesome data from people over time, but how do you view and interact with that data? Glad you asked! Reporting on Digital Journals was a major focus for us. You can quickly get a ton of data (images, videos, text responses and data) across multiple people, over short or long periods of time – typically not an easy task to browse, review, filter and export. We fixed all of that:) We allow you to view aggregated data across all responses and journal entries in a seamless report view, provide individual respondent transcript views, filter by journal entry date, user, or question, and view all media in a beautiful interactive user uploaded media library (and even filter user uploaded media by user, date or question and easily export).

You can use Digital Journals a ton of ways, but here are a few ideas: shopping and coupon usage studies (coupon tracking, shop-alongs, etc.), rich media immersion (e.g., post a pic or video of your dinner each night for the week), daily activity surveys, customer experience services and lots more – let me know your ideas.

Please let us know any questions at all.