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Gaming Website UX Testing

A gaming technology client approached us with a request to build a long term online insight community that they could use for ongoing product, marketing, and industry research.

During the development phase of a new support website prototype, our client sought consumer feedback on user interface and design. Based on research objectives, the icanmakeitbetter team conducted a two-part study where community members could interact with and test the webpage concept in real-time. The client would then use the findings to improve and finalize the website.

Objectives included feedback on the following areas:


Gaming Insight Community


The icanmakeitbetter team took a mixed-mode approach to obtain both quantitative and qualitative feedback on the website prototype. Part one included an online survey conducted amongst the entire community. A sub-set of the respondents were then invited to participate in part two, which involved a 60-minute live chat session. 


The gaming industry is booming due to people staying home more because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts see the gaming industry reaching revenue in excess of $196 billion in 2022. Cloud gaming is transforming the PC gaming world, as gamers no longer require expensive hardware that was once needed to accommodate PC games. Developers are also creating more remakes and reboots of older video games.
Game creation is no longer a one-way street. Just like anything in business, producers have to create a connection with consumers.



The study kicked-off with an online survey including two heatmap questions. The survey respondents, 143 in total, placed pins on what they liked and disliked about the webpage concept and provided open-ended feedback on why they liked or disliked that portion of the website.

Likes included features such as support videos, useful resource links,
and the overall look and feel of the site.

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m_icmib_heatmap_new1 m_icmib_heatmap_new2
Female, USA
Easily Digestible
“I love this guide! Fully utilizing products is something that I think we all want but can find overwhelming and not really give more than a passing thought to.”
Female, USA
Male, USA
Eye Catching Design
“The design is modern and very eye catching.”
Male, USA
Female, USA
Helpful Support Videos
“I like that it shows me quite a few different kinds of videos available. It makes me think that there will be more that I may find useful at some point.”
Female, USA
Male, Germany
Needs More Interesting Topics
"Too much space is wasted here. There could be other interesting topics like support message and contact."
Male, Germany
Male, Germany
Difficult to Read Fonts
“This may be disliked by some people and liked by other ones. Depending on the size of the font, it may also be hard to read for some. But in general the design is well done.”
Male, Germany


The online survey was followed up with a 60-minute live chat conducted among 19 respondents who were hand selected to participate in the session based upon their engagement in the community and quality of open-ended feedback in past activities. Prior to the chat, respondents opened the website prototype in a separate tab, and were then tasked with various missions throughout the session. The missions involved tasks such as testing features, navigating to certain areas of the website, and searching for specific information on a product.

After completing each mission, respondents returned to the chat and provided feedback on their experience, chatted directly with their fellow respondents, and engaged with a moderator who probed to uncover deeper insights around usability, desired features, overall appeal, and likelihood to recommend. 

icanmakeitbetter Community Platform

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A final report of findings was delivered a week following the live chat session. Our client was able to pass along the analysis to their internal UX team, who then used the quantitative and qualitative insights to change, improve, and finalize the design of the website. The webpage launched to the public a couple weeks after the study concluded, which was then announced to members through a community shareback highlighting how their feedback made a difference.


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