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Insight Communities

Build a more customer-centric business with our simple, integrated insight community platform.

What is an Insight Community?

Work Quickly

An insight community is an online research ecosystem that enables brands to gather continual and fast feedback from their target audience. Our insight community platform enables companies to make smarter, data-driven, and customer-centric decisions with integrated qualitative and quantitative consumer feedback tools. As the fastest-growing Market Research methodology, online community research brings brands and consumers into a collaborative partnership where organizational strategy and direction are always supported by market insights.

Ideation Sessions

Crowdsource ideas with online community research. Commenting, rating, and voting help you prioritize ideas and drive on-target innovation.

Focus Groups

Interactive discussions inside an insight community capture in-depth customer insights. Collect text, images, or video on the soccer field, in a store, at home – anywhere.


Get answers fast. Deploy powerful, engaging consumer feedback surveys across any device in minutes. View and securely share real-time results.

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Heat Maps

Test ad campaigns, print, copy, and other concepts using our heat mapping tool. Members can drop “markers” with comments on your copy giving you visual insights on your campaign and design initiatives.

Community Dashboard

We can help keep your community healthy and engaged by monitoring member responsiveness, ensuring the best overall member experience.

Live Chat

Use our live chat tool to run a synchronous focus group. Probe and ask follow-up questions to dive deeper, walking away with richer instant insights.

Project Tiers

Drag and Drop Customization

Brand your community with your logo, colors, and background images. No coding needed.

Mobile First

Collect product and consumer feedback across any device or operating system — phone, tablet, or desktop — with our responsive platform.

Built-In Incentives

Integrated access to a diverse offering of online gift cards. Grant members redeemable points at the click of a button.

Additional Services

Bring Your Data to Life

Partner with our experienced researchers to gain helpful context and actionable insights.