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Live Chat – Get Instant Aha!

Quick update: Live Chat now has integrated quantitative questions!

  1. Easily ask survey questions as part of your Live Chat session
  2. See the data roll in with real-time charting and respondent level data
  3. Easily probe and chat around the question, even share results with respondents so they can discuss as a group
  4. Include video, images and documents as part of any question

Announcing our newest, perhaps most awesome release – live chat! Capture immediate feedback with live chat. We provide a seamless respondent and client experience across any device and platform for easy concept testing, creative testing, ideation and more.

  1. Finally, an easy client back-room! No more sending out client invites that get lost or having the CEO search his spam folder. ???? Clients simply “knock” and you see them show up for approval. One click and they are in.
  2. Respondents can participate on their phone, tablet or computer. No software to download. No hassles for you.
  3. Include images and video – uploaded by respondent or moderator.
  4. Create pre-loaded questions and add questions on the fly.
  5. See real-time respondent status – who is online, who else needs to be invited and more.
  6. Moderate and manage from your phone, tablet or computer.
  7. Just like everything else on our platform – get a beautiful reporting interface, seamless respondent invitation and management, and integrated data across all your projects.

Below you will see the respondent and moderator experience across a computer, tablet and phone. The other image shows you the mobile experience for the moderator – easy! Any questions at all, just let us know!