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User Archiving

We’ve recently added a feature that we call User Archiving. In a nutshell, this feature allows you to deactivate a subset of users OR your entire community – it’s your choice. This is a great feature for project-based activities! Don’t have the time or budget for a long term community? No problem, we’ll set you up with a month to month license and archive your users in between projects. Regardless, you still get to use our entire suite of research tools for rapid iteration and most importantly, keep all your data in one place.

By putting your short-er term projects on an integrated platform like ours, you get much better ROI (lower recruiting costs, better brand experience, a more engaged audience, longitudinal data); and many more opportunities to gather insights. Sometimes you need a long-term community, and sometimes it’s just nice to collaborate with a specific set of users intensively for a shorter period of time…we understand.

Not sure where to start? Just give us a call. We have all the expertise you need to get started including: how to set user expectations, how to maximize your limited time with them and how to collect and leverage your insights over time and across archived groups to accomplish your long term insights goals.

At icanmakeitbetter, we believe in the power of insights and the wisdom of YOUR customers. Sometimes that wisdom comes in short, action-packed bursts of activity. Sometimes in longer term, collaborative ideation-iteration-validation cycles. Either way, we want to be there at the moment of business impact and we feel that being locked into a long term contract shouldn’t deter you from learning from your customers.