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Advanced Logic

Welcome to the new world of easy and automated Advanced Logic. There are a ton of unique use cases, ground breaking technology and applications clients are coming up with every day that we never thought of. So really, feel free to give us a call and ask us questions on this – we are here to help.

As a quick summary here are some of the key features and ways to use our new Advanced Logic:

  • It is simply a WHO, WHEN and WHAT process:
    • Determine WHO you want to apply a rule to – this is where you can set compound logic, set rules (selected at least 3, total = X, etc.), pull from previous segments or tags and more.
    • Tell the platform WHEN you want to trigger this action. That means you can set quotas and have separate actions before and after a quota is hit, trigger the action on a page, after a page group, upon survey completion, termination and so forth.
    • Tell the platform WHAT you want to happen. This is where it gets super cool! You can tag a group, show/hide/skip logic, redirect to custom links outside the platform, invite to a follow-up activity, hide data, pay incentives and more.
  • No complicated coding, but natural language instructions – easily set your rules and logic with common sense rules.
  • Create on-the-fly “segments” and then re-use those segments anywhere in the survey for easy compound rules and logic.
  • Create rules and logic from ANY other data source in the platform! Want to only show page 3 of the Brand Survey to those that said they were “female” in their profile AND who chose product X in the Product Survey last year? – no problem.
  • Choose from multiple pre-coded options including “any of”, “none of”, “select at least X of Y”, “sum is” and many more.
  • Custom quota creation – allowing you to trigger any activity or action based upon quota triggers.
  • See a beautiful visual summary of all your coding logic, right there in-line on the page and even test your logic and see who falls into which segments, pages and activity flow.
  • And, tons more.

Here are a few example screen shots.