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Q-insights Announces the Launch of Driven by Q-insights™, a New Automotive Research Division

To meet the growing need for innovative automotive research, Q-insights has expanded to include Driven by Q-insights™ in their portfolio of products

The official launch of Driven by Q-insights™ was announced today. To meet the growing needs of clients and the automotive industry as a whole, Q-insights has developed a division dedicated specifically to all types of automotive research.

For over a decade, Q-insights has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance in the automotive research space due to their unprecedented ability to recruit a wide spectrum of owners — from basic entry-level vehicles up to exotic and high-performance sports and luxury vehicles. The team has distinguished themselves with their ability to recruit hundreds of car owners (and intenders) over a short period of time, and their aptitude for gathering open and honest feedback. Driven by Q-insights™ will solidify the company’s continued commitment to exceeding the expectations of their current and future automotive clients.

“We are very proud to launch Driven by Q-insights™, a division that grew simply by listening to our clients’ evolving needs. Our team’s proactive approach to difficult data collection and wide range of coordination skills has enabled us to successfully execute some truly unique research,” said Linda Giniewicz, Senior Vice President of Q-insights.

Engineered to provide targeted access, the Driven by Q-insights™ suite of automotive research solutions includes car clinics, usability tests, focus groups, online research, quantitive telephone interviews, qualitative telephone interviews, quantitative telephone-to-web interviews, and ethnographic in-home research. By creating a division built around the unique needs of the automotive industry, Q-insights is able to successfully execute automotive projects of every size and scope.

Recognizing the ever-changing needs of the market, and building a portfolio around those needs, is the foundation of Q-insights’ business strategy. Earlier this year, they officially opened their second focus group facility in Marina del Rey, California. This creative and comfortable space has been a favorite among clients because of it’s convenient location near the beach and LAX and it’s state-of-the-art facilities.