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Cannabis Customer Satisfaction Survey: How It Can Increase Your Revenue

One of the most important metrics of a successful business is customer satisfaction. Some would say it’s even more so in the growing cannabis industry where competition is downright cutthroat.

Your price and your product matter a lot, but it’s the positive customer experience that will set your brand apart from others. So if you’re not conducting a cannabis customer satisfaction survey, it’s time you do.

Client satisfaction is a key brand differentiator in the cannabis industry, but as with all other retail businesses, customer satisfaction—or even brand success— does not mean anything if you can’t translate it to sales and revenue.

This article aims to help you use your consumer survey results to not only improve the overall experience of your customers but also to leverage them in increasing your revenue.

If you’re not familiar with the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey, read on and learn why it matters.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?
Customer Satisfaction (often abbreviated as CSAT) refers to how your customers feel about your products and your brand. To measure their level of satisfaction, companies can use a CSAT survey.

CSAT survey can help you identify customers who are happy with your brand and customers who aren’t.

A CSAT survey usually consists of 5 to 10 questions about your product, the customer’s personal experience, and overall satisfaction.

The survey can be in digital form or a written form that you can ask them to fill out after buying from your store. You can also send them SMS surveys or conduct the survey over the phone. Just be careful not to take too much of their time, which is why 5 to 10 questions are ideal.

How to Use CSAT Survey to Increase Your Revenue
The CSAT survey can provide valuable insights that allow you to develop and improve your products and services. These surveys also can give you a push in the right direction to better meet your customers’ expectations.

Understanding what your customers appreciate and value is essential for scaling your business. Below are some of the ways you can leverage CSAT surveys to improve your revenue.

Identify your satisfied customers
Your cannabis customers are made up of many personas. Your job is to identify those who aren’t happy—so you can address their dissatisfaction, and those who are happy and satisfied with your cannabis products so you can strengthen your connection, improve customer retention, and create more amazing customer experiences for them.

If you’re conducting a cannabis customer satisfaction survey, identify your satisfied customers so you can also make them your brand ambassador to expand your market reach and attract new customers.

Happy customers are at the bottom of your sales funnel and so you can also create different targetting ads or marketing campaigns for them to increase conversion or get them to buy continuously from you.

Generate testimonials
Connect with your satisfied customers and ask for their feedback. Choose those who have given you a high score for customer satisfaction. You can then use these testimonials in your campaigns and generate leads for your cannabis business.

Reviews and recommendations are very effective because they function as third-party endorsements for a company.

People tend to trust reviews and recommendations more than traditional advertising. So if you’re also looking for a cost-effective ad, there is no better form of advertising than positive reviews from users.

Improve your product
To remain competitive in an ever-changing market, upgrades are necessary.

You can determine which products in your store need to go, and need to be changed and improved by measuring the level of satisfaction of your customers.

So to increase your sales, you can use the CSAT survey to know what products are good and what are not.

By ensuring you always have quality products and products that meet your customers’ satisfaction, you can encourage your customers to buy more of your products, impacting your sales and revenue.

High-quality products not only can boost your revenue, but they can also increase your market share.

Create a CSAT Survey Today
Solid market research is your gateway to increased sales and revenue. If you start with a cannabis customer satisfaction survey, you’ll find out what drives positive experiences in your brand.

You could do the survey yourself but you and your business could benefit a lot from outsourcing your research to professionals. Let ISA Group help you.

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