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Academic Research

Providing Reach, Diversity, and Representation

Our organization has decades of experience in Academic and Policy research programs. Clients work with us for a variety of reasons, including diverse and representative sampling capabilities. Reaching diverse populations often requires multi-mode approaches. Our multiple divisions, each with extensive expertise in their specific methodologies, allows us to launch complex multi-mode study approaches quickly and efficiently.

We Assist with COVID-19 Research

The ISA Group assists with serological testing in diverse communities, through our custom-built proprietary platform that gathers rich data on individual participants, while at the same time meeting all privacy and security requirements around safe data handling and protecting PII. The platform is quite intuitive for participants, as well as for on-site medical professionals administering the tests, checking in participants and recording the results. We carefully recruit study participants to represent a cross-section of the community, keeping in mind the sample sizes required to analyze critical sub groups within the community.

Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Consumer Data

During this unprecedented pandemic, consumers are acting in unprecedented ways. As you’re looking to weather the economic fallout and prosper in the years to follow, only data-validated research can help you make the right investments now. Learn more about our capabilities to see how we can quickly and affordably gather actionable insights to help your business navigate COVID-19.

Impactful and Timely

We have provided the data and research for some of the most impactful academic and public policy studies of the last thirty years, including surveys to understand the impact of the 1992 LA riots, surveys of residents to measure attitudes about policing, housing and mental health studies, and most recently, COVID-19 antibody studies.

Our Methodologies

To reach the diverse populations of today often requires multi-mode approaches. Our multiple divisions, which each have extensive expertise in their specific area, allows us to launch various study approaches quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary process seamlessly blends high-quality respondents from a wide variety of sources including our proprietary online research panel, MySoapBox.