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The Evolution of an Industry: Tales and Trends from Cannabis Industry Veterans

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November 4


1:00 PM PST



In 2020, in-person conferences and gatherings came to a halt.  This year, we are looking forward to the biggest, most anticipated event of the year:  MJBizCon!  With 35,000 attendees, 1,300 exhibitors, and 130 speakers from around the world gathering to learn the latest about the cannabis industry, it’s the place to be! Join us for this webinar as we discuss shared learnings from this event, featuring two dynamic speakers fresh off the Las Vegas stage. We will dive into the evolution of the cannabis industry as a whole, focusing on what has changed over the course of the pandemic era.

Austin Stevenson, CEO at Vertosa, and Lisa Buffo, Founder & CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, will provide context as both event speakers and industry veterans.  As moderator, ISA President Jacqueline Rosales, will lead the group through a lively and engaging conversation.  Austin and Lisa will share a recap of their speaking engagements from MJBizCon and explore the themes and buzz from the event.



Austin Stevenson

Chief Innovation Officer, Vertosa

Austin plays an integral role in the business development of Vertosa, facilitating partnerships with leading brands to produce top quality cannabinoid-infused beverages, topicals, edibles and more.

Visit here to see Austin’s speaker page and session from MJBizCon, The CPG Effect:  Developing Cannabis Products of the Future.

Lisa Buffo

Founder & CEO, Cannabis Marketing Association

Lisa Buffo is a marketer and entrepreneur with a passion for launching companies with experience in both the cannabis and technology industries. Lisa is the Founder & CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, a trade association focused on education and best practices for industry marketers with the vision of rebranding cannabis at the national level.

Visit here to see Lisa’s speaker page and session from MJBizCon, Amp Your Brand:  Winning Marketing Strategies for Your Business


Jacqueline Rosales

President, ISA

Jacqueline’s passion, creativity, curiosity, and incredible energy has led to her 25+ years of success in the consumer research and human behavior space. Partnering with researchers, marketers and strategists across both existing and emerging markets, Jacqueline is a published expert in the consumer research space. She is heavily relied on by her clients to understand market interruptions and emerging trends. Her consultation with clients to understand consumer behavior shifts driven by the emergence of COVID, Cannabis and Cryptocurrency categories, helps brands solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions.

Her passion for building exceptional teams continues to fuel the growth of ISA. The team’s ability to pivot during the global pandemic led to an ongoing partnership with University of Southern California (USC) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) to measure the true spread of Covid-19 in LA County, at a time when officials needed data to make critical decisions affecting public health. The research continues to be widely published.

Focused on industry growth, mentorship and leadership, Jacqueline joined forces with other thought leaders in 2015 to form the first ever industry event focused on consumer sampling, best practices, and research technology innovation. It is common to find Jacqueline live on stage speaking, moderating webinars, or contributing self-funded research and content.