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Engaged and Responsive Consumer Panel

Built to handle mixed methodology studies and high touch research engagements, the MySoapBox panel is known within the industry for its high response rates and high engagement.

Diversified Recruitment Strategies

Individuals learn about MySoapBox through various channels including online, telephone, mobile, face-to-face, social media, and print. By connecting with audiences where they are and constantly updating our channels and messaging, we are able to reach geographically, generationally and multiculturally diverse audiences.

Precision Targeting

Tap into the most relevant audience for your product or service using MySoapBox.

Security and Quality

In order to become a member of MySoapBox, members must register and then double opt in. With the additional security of the double opt in process, we’re able to ensure that members are verified and authenticated.

As a Solution for Your Business

Use our highly-engaged and responsive community to test products and concepts, branding and messaging, measure brand awareness, and understand behaviors and purchase drivers.

Connecting Brands with Consumers

Research requires innovation and adaptation. New mediums call for new methodologies. Our data collection approaches are constantly evolving, in order to meet consumers where they are, and help brands future-proof their businesses.