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Driven by Q-insights™

Automotive Research, Expertly Handled

The Q-insights team expertly handles automotive projects of any size, including, car clinics, usability tests, focus groups, and online research.

Car Clinics

Let your target-market consumers weigh in on design choices, interior/exterior experience, technology, features, messaging or pricing. Our car clinics take place in highly-secure showrooms, staffed with experienced personnel. We handle every detail, including lighting, audio/video, catering, and security.

Specialty Recruitment

All of our automotive respondents go through a thorough screening. This ensures that they have the correct qualifying vehicle or purchase intent and that they can speak confidently regarding what they like and dislike. We work from customer lists, IHS Markit Automotive (Polk), our national database, referrals and trusted partners. We have recruited as many as 2,500 automotive respondents in a single month.

Smart Technologies and Shifting Demands

Our deep experience testing new automotive technologies, including early-stage prototypes, self-driving vehicles and connected cars makes us the ideal partner for helping you predict consumer preferences today and into the future. Expert industry knowledge and attention to detail is the cornerstone of our success.

As a Solution for Your Business

As auto manufacturers bring more high-tech products to market, including smart dashboards, connected apps, autonomous driving capabilities and more, understanding how humans interact with these products is more important than ever.

Get Up Close and Personal with Niche Audiences

Our qualitative division, Q-insights, provides a unique combination of solutions to their client and partners. Specialties include automotive, multicultural, field management, and recruiting.

Connecting Brands with Consumers

Research requires innovation and adaptation. New mediums call for new methodologies. Our data collection approaches are constantly evolving, in order to meet consumers where they are, and help brands future-proof their businesses.