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Custom Research

Custom Research

Answer Tactical Business Questions

Our diverse portfolio of in-house products, services and platforms spans a universe of methodologies and approaches. That complexity is synthesized into a simple experience. Clients prompt a question. We provide a data-validated answer.

Custom Research Study Types

Advertisement Testing (Print/Audio/Video)
Advertising Message Testing
Brand Awareness and Preference
Market Sizing/Segmentation
Concept Test
Price Sensitivity
Attitudes and Usage
Customer Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction
Package Testing
Product Placement (In-store & On Shelf)

Analytical Services

Cross Tabulations
Statistical Significance Testing
Van Westendorp
Discrete Choice
Conjoint Analysis

A Suite of Research Solutions for a Truly Customized Approach

We provide dedicated account teams that get to know our clients’ pain points and needs – sometimes before our clients even know them themselves. We repeat this process time and again, delivering big wins and value to our clients. The end result? Better products, services and business outcomes (meaning happy clients!).

Our Methodologies

Custom research is often the most cost effective solution because methodologies and approaches are customized to your business’ exact needs. Results are thorough, detailed, and proprietary – providing you with the insights to propel your business forward.