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Qualitative Research

Get Up Close and Personal with Niche Audiences

Our qualitative division provides a unique combination of solutions to our clients and partners. We’ve served hundreds of brands across key industries, and specialize in automotive, multicultural recruiting, and field management. By leveraging our close integration with other divisions at ISA, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and shine in areas where others struggle.

A Decades-Long Culture of Service

We are committed to delivering unparalleled service through every step of your project. With creative problem-solving skills, we take on recruiting projects that other companies shy away from.

First-Hand Stimulus

Through our deep experience in the automotive industry we’ve established industry-leading practices for managing respondent experiences. Whether it’s sharing media through our community platform, testing a product in our facilities, or driving a car at our clinics, we’ll gather real-time commentary you can trust.

Answer Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

The open-ended nature of qualitative research allows for respondents to voice their feedback as colorfully as they’d like. The key is structuring that process. Our skilled interviewers ensure respondents feel open enough to provide honest feedback, and our researchers organize it into reports that are representative and insightful.

Our Methodologies

Our ability to tap into an array of in-house methodologies across the ISA Group ensures we reach respondents in the ideal context. By leveraging deeply integrated resources including online, telephone, and in-person recruiting, we’re able to connect with consumers efficiently and effectively. We serve your project as colleagues, not contractors.