The Culture Connection

This article originally appeared in the August 2018 issue of Quirks Magazine – Special Feature Faces of Market Research.

Authentic Leadership and Team Building Expert

Five years ago, when Jacqueline Rosales was faced with the enormous task of building a startup from scratch, she decided to start with an aspect of company-building that many leaders don’t tackle at all. She wrote the company ethos. Known as the Telltale Ten, these are the ten guiding principles that became the basis for the establishment and rapid growth of SoapBoxSample.

“I realized the first step was really to focus on what type of company I wanted to build. That’s what I was most excited about. You can be smart, skilled, and experienced, but if you are not willing, able, and genuinely pumped about working for a company that embodies these ten principles, then I am sorry (not really), you can’t play with us,” said Jacqueline.

Flash forward to today, SoapBoxSample has 45 full-time employees. They’ve expanded their product offerings to include a Full Service division, Passive Metering, and Mobile Missions and have integrated the operations of icanmakeitbetter, an Insight Community Platform.

Jacqueline attributes the company’s success to her staff. While her staff says it’s her authentic leadership style. “If you hire the right people, you can overcome any obstacle. They dive growth and success. My goal is to charm them enough that they want to become integral parts of a greater whole.”

In 2015, Jacqueline began documenting her entrepreneurial journey – both in and out of the office, in her blog, The Telltale Ten. Popular posts include No Budget Isn’t an Excuse for No Brains, So You Want to Be the Boss? and Yay, My Kid is Not a Jerk.