Customer Boardroom

Powerful Micro Communities Built Around Great Conversations​

Online research approaches need to be flexible and dynamic enough to keep up with the flow of conversation. We designed Customer Boardroom around this concept. A simple interface helps you stay focused and glanceable data keeps your fingers on the pulse of your room. The result is a research approach that works and feels like a focus group, with all the power of digital communication.​

Dive into Discussion​

A traditional focus group helps executives understand the why behind the what. Engage with a group of customers virtually in your office, ready to weigh in on key business decisions at a moment's notice, in a quick and simple online environment. Let us handle the work while you observe and communicate directly but anonymously.

Prompt Conversation with Questions​

With survey functionality built in, moderators can use survey answers as a jumping off point for authentic private conversations, while keeping the entire group engaged. Mix and match survey formats for extra flexibility and customization.​

Live Analytics

Watch results update in real time. Simple, digestible visualizations provide dynamic context without distracting from the conversation.

Backroom Chat​

As an observer, you want to follow a conversation, giving suggestions to a moderator without breaking focus. That's why the Backroom Chat lets you send messages to your moderators and fellow observers, without navigating away from the respondent chat. Ask a follow-up question. Give them a hypothetical. Probe deeper.