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Telephone Data Collection

Telephone Data Collection

In-House Call Centers for Inclusive Research

ISA has been conducting CATI telephone surveys since 1987. An early adopter of industry leader CfMC’s WebCATI Survent platform, ISA continues to lead the industry with state-of-the-art innovative programming.

A Legacy of Quality

Since September of 1982 when we conducted our first telephone project to this day, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality data collected according to the tenets, standards and ethics of the marketing research industry.

Call Centers

We own two call centers including a 110-station call center in Las Vegas, NV, and our flagship call center, based in Los Angeles, CA equipped with 200 dialing stations. When social distancing measures became necessary across the U.S., we quickly adapted our technology to allow our data collectors to work remotely as needed.

Experience Makes a Difference

Partner with our team of experienced programmers and researchers for high-quality data collection and quick turn-around times. We also offer in-language telephone interviewing and translation. Giving respondents the opportunity to conduct surveys in their native tongue ensures that diverse populations are represented.

As a Solution for Your Business

Telephone outreach is a critical component of any study that requires connecting with underserved communities, notably older populations and unacculturated immigrant groups. Beginning in March of 2020, we transitioned a portion of our phone room work to help counties across the U.S. connect with their communities to schedule COVID-19 antibody testing appointments. These initiatives were the first of their kind in LA County, and provided local officials with critical data about the spread of COVID-19.

Get Up Close and Personal with Niche Audiences

Our qualitative division, Q-insights, provides a unique combination of solutions to their client and partners. Specialties include automotive, multicultural, field management, and recruiting.

Answer Tactical Business Questions

Our diverse portfolio of in-house products, services and platforms spans a universe of methodologies and approaches. That complexity is synthesized into a simple experience. Clients prompt a question. We provide a data-validated answer.

Connecting Brands with Consumers

Research requires innovation and adaptation. New mediums call for new methodologies. Our data collection approaches are constantly evolving, in order to meet consumers where they are, and help brands future-proof their businesses.

Providing Reach, Diversity, and Representation

Our sampling rigor and ability to collect samples balanced to specific population, including multi-lingual and hard-to-reach segments has led to many successful programs over the years.


SoapBoxSample’s COVID-19 Antibody Research Featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association