COVID-19 Research Study Grabs Attention from Local Los Angeles News Media

When a groundbreaking research study designed to measure the spread of COVID-19 launched in Los Angeles, CA the week of April 10, 2020, it didn’t take long for the local news media to take an interest.

Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample/icanmakeitbetter, appeared on KTLA’s nightly 7 pm news broadcast, explaining to the public the intention of the study and how Angelenos can get involved.

“This is really groundbreaking research, to give us one piece that we are missing,” Jacqueline commented. “Without that piece it’s hard to understand, what is the prevalence, when is the peak, and how do we get people back to work?”

SoapBoxSample, an LRW Group company, recruited hundreds of Angelenos to participate in a new antibody study that took place April 10 and 11 across six testing locations throughout the county of Los Angeles. The new testing strategy hopes to shed light on many of the unanswered questions related to the coronavirus. To date, testing has mainly been performed on those who are very sick (and able to secure a test), and evidence suggests that there may be an unknown number of asymptomatic cases in the population.

“It can potentially identify people that are immune from the disease,” said Dr. Neeraj Sood, Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, the principle investigator of the research initiative.

Working in partnership with researchers from the University of Southern California’s Price School of Public Policy and the LA County Health Department, SoapBoxSample, recruited a random sampling of hundreds of LA residents, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, to participate in a finger prick serological test, with the purpose of identifying the presence of COVID-19 antibodies. Researchers hope the results of the study may hold the key to when Southern California and the nation can return to a state of relative normalcy.

“This project gave us the opportunity to lift the spirits of our staff during a very difficult time, said Jacqueline. “Everyone involved in this research initiative was excited to give back to the LA community where we live and work.”

SoapBoxSample Releases Data on COVID-19’s Impact on Americans’ Daily Lives

Research study reveals an overwhelming number of Americans have financial fears as a result of COVID-19.

March 19 , 2020, Los Angeles, CA — Research firm SoapBoxSample announced today, the release of the third part of their ongoing series of polls on COVID-19. The most recent poll, conducted by SoapBoxSample continues to monitor the public sentiment during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Over the coming weeks SoapBox will continue to measure changes in public sentiment and understanding, and make the data publicly available. The goal of this initiative is to promote awareness of the virus, thereby enabling the public to make responsible and informed decisions.

The third survey focused on the cancellation of events, changes to routines and the grocery shortages Americans now face.  Results from this survey revealed that every respondent asked (100%) is aware of cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  The vast majority (87%) at least somewhat agree that cancelling events due to Coronavirus is a smart move, and they support these decisions.

When it comes to daily routines, many respondents are sticking to their regular habits, but are eating at restaurants less (66%) and are washing their hands more (59%).  This may be due to the already high number of respondents using grocery delivery (71% are having their groceries delivered, same as before the outbreak) and food delivery services (69% are using services such as GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats, again same as before the pandemic).

“These are unprecedented times we’re living in,” said Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter. “Understanding they ways this pandemic is impacting Americans daily lives allows us better understand and address the fears and assure our communities that we’re all in this together. Our goal is to provide insight on a consistent basis to help combat fear with information.”

The third in a series of SoapBoxSample’s polls on COVID-19, this study was conducted March 17 – 18 with 400 US residents (yielding a 95% confidence level, +\-5% margin of error) and focused on Event Cancellations, Impact on Daily Routines and Changes at the Grocery Store.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the vast majority (90%) of respondents have noticed changes their local grocery store since the news of the spread of Coronavirus. The majority of these changes revolve around the lack of products, with nearly 94% finding empty shelves, 82% noticing a limited supply of items and longer lines (61%) and more crowds (53%).

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, the American public will be exposed to a myriad of news reports. Taking the pulse of the American public to understand what information they are retaining, and whether that information is accurate, is crucial to the US containment strategy. SoapBoxSample seeks to assist with keeping the public safe and informed, by providing this data to the public at no cost.

Parts 4 and 5 will follow in the coming days. To receive ongoing information and stats, please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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