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The World's First Cannabis Consumer Panel

The Green Time is a cannabis-focused research community, created to gather open and honest feedback from its members about cannabis products and services.

Why Use a Specialty Panel

Work Quickly

Cannabis consumers and business leaders are recruited, vetted, and on standby. That saves valuable time when recruiting for a quick-turn project.


Beyond just demographic data, our panelists have been categorized to allow for targeting in many ways specific to the cannabis industry.

▪ Method of Consumption
▪ Frequency of Use
▪ Working in Cannabis
▪ Purchasing Method
▪ Budget
▪ Product Preferences

Data You Can Trust

ISA is a veteran in market research, and an early leader working in the cannabis industry. We know that quality research must start with quality data. To ensure our Green Time data is accurate, we employ cutting edge fraud detection and identity verification. And with the complexity of navigating fragmented state legality, we do it all with compliance.



As a Solution for Your Business

Whether you’re a researcher looking to directly purchase sample for your project, or finding the best vendor for your full service research project, The Green Time is a strong link in the chain.

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Answer Tactical Business Questions

Our diverse portfolio of in-house products, services and platforms spans a universe of methodologies and approaches. That complexity is synthesized into a simple experience. Clients prompt a question. We provide a data-validated answer.

The New Era of Cannabis is Driven by Data

We collaborate with companies from seed-to-sale, including start-ups and established industry leaders, powering brands with data-fueled insights to thrive in a fast-paced, uncertain and unregulated market.

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