icanmakeitbetter Announces Two Major Promotions

Leigh Kettle and Angel Mira will assume the role of Senior Research Manager

Effective October 1, Leigh Kettle and Angel Mira will be promoted to the role of Senior Research Manager. Over the course of the last two years, Leigh and Mira have proven themselves adept at handling key accounts – showing a true passion for the communities and clients of icanmakeitbetter. Their innovation, hardwork and dedication have earned them a track record of success across multiple industries and methodologies.

“Leigh and Angel have shown a true passion for online communities and learning our clients’ business needs to provide impactful innovation and insights. Their ability to listen to feedback, make community members feel heard and translate those many many data points into insights for our clients is second to none. I’m incredibly proud of the growth of these two and can’t wait to see what lies in the near future as they continue to grow and help us deliver killer services to our clients,” said Matt Thurston, icanmakeitbetter COO.

Leigh Kettle joined ICMIB in October of 2016, and Angel Mira became a part of the team in November of the same year. As Senior Research Managers, they will both have a greater role in managing community accounts, from setup to recruitment to engagement activities.